If Your Cat Took Chemistry, Would She Eat This Stuff?


The following are the listed ingredients for Puss'n'Boots Pounce ( Shrimp Flavor) Treats for Cats:

Flour, liver, dried whole egg, glycerin, pregelatinized wheat flour, shrimp by-products, wheat gluten, torula dried yeast, calcium sulfate, cheese meal, phosphoric acid, animal fat (preserved with butylated hydroxyanisole, otherwise known as BHA), potassium chloride, salt, potassium sorbate ( a preservative), wheat middlings, color, choline chloride, calcium carbonate, ferrous sulfate, vitamin E supplement, zinc oxide, BHA ( again!), cupric oxide, cobalt carbonate, manganous oxide, vitamin A supplement, potassium iodide, D-calcium pantothenate, vitamin B-12 supplement, vitamin D-3 supplement, water sufficient for processing.


The purpose of this activity is to practice writing formulas for simple inorganic compounds whose names are found on labels of products in the supermarket, drugstore or at home.


1. You are to complete the name and formula grid which is attached. Both the name and correct formula for the compounds represented in matrix must be written in the box. (30 points if completed)

2. At the bottom of this sheet is a list of ions. You are to read product labels to find compounds formed from the ions on the list. For each compound, the following information will be required:

Name of compound as it appears on the label


Name of the product in which it is found.


3. You must turn in at least 20 different compounds. (20 points if completed, -1 for each less than 20)

4. A compound may only be used once. ( If the same compound is listed more than once, -2)

5. Names must be of compounds, not elements.

6. The list must be numbered for full credit. ( -5 points penalty)

7. You may not write on the back of the page (-5 points penalty)

8. Lists must be alphabetized. (-5) points.

9. Extra compounds can earn extra points, up to 5 extra awarded.


Ion Formula Ion Formula Ion Formula
Aluminum Al+3 Hydrogen H+1 Potassium K+1
Ammonium NH4+1 Magnesium Mg+2 Sodium Na+1
Calcium Ca+2 Nickel (II) Ni+2 Zinc Zn+2
Monoatomic Anions
Bromide Br-1 Fluoride F-1 Oxide O-2
Chloride Cl-1 Iodide I-1 Sulfide S-2
Polyatomic Anions
Acetate C2H3O2-1 Hydrogen sulfate
HSO4-1 Phosphate PO4-3
Bromate Br03-1 Hydrogen sulfite
HSO3-1 Sulfate SO4-2
Carbonate CO3-2 Hydroxide OH-1 Sulfite SO3-2
Chlorate ClO3-1 Hypochlorite ClO-1 Tetraborate B4O7-4
Hydrogen Carbonate
HCO3-1 Nitrate NO3-1
Alternate Names
Chromium (II) Chromous Iron (III) Ferric Tin (II) Stannous
Chromium (III) Chromic Manganese (II) Manganous Tin (IV) Stannic
Copper (I) Cupric Mercury (I) Mercurous
Iron (II) Ferrous Mercury (II) Mercuric

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Patty Mason