Chem Gems

With some imagination (and a pun now and again), it is possible to use the names of the elements and compounds as synonyms (or substitutes) for some phrases. So cesium you pen and fill in the blanks.



1. What are doctors for? Cm
2. To spice. Er
3. Funds from mother's sister. Sb
4. Have went (VERY poor grammar!). Ar
5. Indian funeral chant. Ba
6. Well driller's chant. B
7. What you do to a steak when you barbecue it. Ce
8. Get him! Cs
9. Doctors purpose. He
10. Holmium X 0.5. Hf
11. To press a shirt. Fe
12. Chemical apache. In
13. Directed (past tense). Pb
14. Kitchen work area (pun). Zn
15. Leg joint above the calf. Ne
16. What police do to an address if they hear of some illegal activity there Rn
17. Cowboy's cry after successful trip on a bronco: " __________". Rh
18. View by a boy whose name is "California" (monstrous pun) Ca
19. Amusing prisoner. Si
20. "____ anything, but give them Aprege." Pm
21. Ruler of Davy Jones' locker. Np
22. Cowboy's comment after unsuccessful trip on bronco, "I'm ______". Th
23. Large building used to store automobiles. C
24. Bounder. Cd
25. Greeting to an ancient Greek. H
26. What the girl said when she got her divorce. Ir
27. Policeman. Cu
28. Half a dime Ni
29. The Lone Ranger's Horse Ag
30. What torpedoed ships do Zn
31. Not fat Sn
32. What you get when a bee flies into your mouth W
33. To hot press leather from bovines. Fe2O3
34. Molly's blue jeans Mo
35. A national laboratory near Chicago Ar
36. What is H2O4 (for)? (For the full effect this one must be given orally.) drinking
37. Dangerous compound. KNiFe
38. To perform in plays Ac

Teacher Notes:

I have been collecting these for a long time. The initial list (1-24) came from the "Oregon Science Teacher", circa 1970. I like to give them as "extra credit" on tests.

Questions? Comments??